About Us

Zcloud: Delivering Premium Technical Solution Consultancy
Zcloud is group of professionals dedicated to offering the full-package services when it comes to streamlining your business. We provide you with all of the tools such as cloud solutions, hosting services, custom web development, and more, in a convenient package that will help your business to run effectively. These tools will not only help your business gain a strong presence but also orient all of your data to provide you with a frictionless platform from which you can operate with ease.
Reliable Solutions At Your Fingertips!
From designing a customized website that fits your business, offering the most reliable hosting services, delivering cloud backups to ensure all your data is safe and secure, to suggesting possible technologies that could streamline the processes, we are devoted to offering exceptional services.
Expert Team
Our team has the right skills and knowledge to offer professional guidance you need. We work hard to deliver solutions that simplify your business so that you can focus more on your business.
No matter what your needs are, we are here to assist!
Affordable Services
Pay for what you use, and nothing more. You will have easy access to our top class services at anytime you need.
Don't spend time, or money for resources that you don't require. Circumvent the costs of data migration with Zcloud.
Virtual server not responding? No problem! If this happens, your server will automatically move to a hardware node to avoid unnecessary downtime.
Speedy Recovery
Recover and restore data fast and easy. This will be done with a full image backup, and your options will be restored with our backup solution quickly.
Server Monitoring
Rest assured that our state-of-the-art server monitoring is running 24/7. If a mission critical application fails, our advanced server monitoring will alert you, and fix the issue itself.
Even in cases of disaster you should be able to recover. That's why our cloud based service can allow you to rest easy knowing that we have your data safe and sound.

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